Taste of Mykonos: 28-30 September 2018, a 3days tribute to Tirovolia Cheese

Tirovolia cheese, one more step on the flavors of Mykonos

The Gastronomy Club of Mykonos, in collaboration with the Municipality of Mykonos and KDEPPAM, has organized a 3-day tribute -Friday, September 28th to Sunday, September 30th- dedicated to the evolution of Tirovolia, one of the most important and emblematic cheeses on the island.

Tirovolia (or tyrovolia), is a simple white cheese, produced from the first stage of cheese making. It belongs to the category of white cheeses, in humanity’s process of conquering the culture and art of cheese production, at its initial steps. It is white, soft, shapeless and at the same time robust but not particularly greasy.

Tirovolia can be found on the table with a little salt; it is the main source of both substance and delicacy in our traditional honey and onion pies. Many restaurants use this cheese to complete the Mykonian seasonal salad. In its essence, it is a daily staple of the Mykonian diet.

Mykonos is an island of surprises! It is at the forefront of Greek tourism and with an important position on the map of global tourism, but it also embraces an agrarian culture and economy, placing priority on livestock and organized cheese production.  It could easily win a title as the island of contradictions.

Following another summer, with all its goodness and its difficulties, we are committed to our belief that cooking, in our pots, there must be good, authentic, and delicious news from Mykonos.

The  Tirovolia tribute is in conjunction and a part of the Mykonos Art Festival, http://www.mykonosartfestival.com/. The festival was initiated this year through the Gryparion Cultural Center and the Municipality of Mykonos.

The Mykonos Gastronomy Club, with the Taste of Mykonos, made its first tribute to a Mykonian cheese, Kopanisti, in October 2014. Kopanisti, was showcased in a series of events that have left their mark, both at home and internationally. See: http://www.tasteofmykonos.gr/

Together with KDEPPAM, those interested in cultural heritage, local collectives, amateur and professional cooks, restaurateurs, hoteliers and food producers, we offer even more local flavour to Mykonos by celebrating this year’s Mykonos Art Festival. Under the title: “FOOD IN CINEMA” there will be on the weekend a very interesting 3film screening with the collaboration of the Film Festival of Thessaloniki, Cine Manto Mykonos and Mykonos Gastronomy Club.

The 3-day event, from September 28th to the 30th, is under the auspices of the Municipality of Mykonos. The Tirovolia tribute welcomes chefs, journalists, and bloggers on the island, to visit production and catering venues, tastings, in order to acquaint them and appreciate the evolution of this cheese. Traditional and modern dishes will be prepared, highlighting some the potential of Tirovolia.

The familiar yet unfamiliar cheese Tirovolia, awaits us in Mykonos, in its cosmopolitan island setting, at September’s end. Marking the passage with a sweet and tranquil Mykonian sunset into October, as we become better acquainted. A message of great optimism comes from two modern and well-organized cheese dairies, as well as a new generation of active agrarians and livestock farmers, that the development of the primary and secondary sectors can and must continue to be coupled with tourism development.

For more information contact:

Dimitris Rousounelos 6944 393 323

Katerina Zouganeli (KDEPPAM) 22890 27 791



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