The Kopanisti Cheese of Mykonos

The Kopanisti Cheese of Mykonos
The Past, the Future, and 43 Recipes

vivlio Kopanisti Rousounelos English edition
Dimitris Rousounelos’ book on Kopanisti now in English!
The renowned Mykonian cheese, Kopanisti, after enchanting consumers throughout the Cyclades, is now ready to meet with the English speaking world and international markets.

«The Kopanisti Cheese of Mykonos – The Past, the Future, and 43 Recipes».

Inside the 190 pages of the book, one can find detailed research chapters on Kopanisti and its presense on Mykonos and the rest of the Cyclades, as well as 43 original and intriguing recipes by both professional chefs and amateur home cooks using Kopanisti as an ingredient and inspiration.

The book is available in the bookstores of Mykonos, in selected bookstores of Athens and the rest of Greece.
Also online at:
For orders contact: / +30 6944393323



Kopanisti Rousounelos book cover English edition

Dimitris Rousounelos was born in Mykonos in 1957. He studied Economics at the University of Piraeus. In 1983, he founded Scala Gallery. He has also co-founded and been a member of the editorial committee of Mykoniatiki [Η Μυκονιάτικη] newspaper (1988-2001). As an amateur vine grower and wine maker, a home cook on an eternal quest for new flavors, he has been recording his thoughts on since 2006 and has been actively involved in the Mykonos Gastronomy Club since 2012. He publishes articles in newspapers and magazines, and is a regular contributor for Gastronomos magazine, a monthly supplement to Kathimerini newspaper.


Cooking of Mykonos – Mosaic Tiles of a Culture [Μυκονιάτικη μαγειρική: Ψηφίδες πολιτισμού], Athens, Indiktos, 2001

Tastes of sacrifice: The pig feast on Mykonos, Athens, Indiktos, 2004 (translated from the Greek edition: Τα χοιροσφάγια στη Μύκονο: Γεύσεις θυσίας, Αθήνα, Ίνδικτος, 2002 & 2006)

Cyclades: A Culinary Fortress. Four Pieces on the Flavors of the Islands [Κυκλάδες: Γαστρονομικό οχυρό. Τέσσερα κείμενα για τη γεύση στα νησιά], Mykonos, Scala Gallery, 2011 & 2014

The pelican spirit [Το πνεύμα του πελεκάνου], Mykonos, Scala Gallery, 2010 (published in six languages: Greek, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish)

As well as the Greek edition of this book: Η κοπανιστή: Tο χθες, το αύριο και 43 συνταγές, Mykonos, Scala Gallery, 2015 & 2017


Kopanisti is a cheese that closely resembles the surroundings amid which it came into being and gained its most ardent devotees. You can even sense the rocks that gave a hard time to the creatures offering their milk for its production. You can discern within its body the redeeming northern wind, the light that bathes the Cyclades all year round, the wealth and flavor of the local vegetation. You can feel the necessity out of which it was born: to preserve the excess cheese and spice up the lives of those not endowed with the privilege of the horn of Amalthea.

Kopanisti is not an easy cheese, much like the islanders ourselves. We take our time, we need to gradually gain familiarity with others. Only then does the often rough sea that surrounds us become a channel of communication, the mystery that has kept us at a distance is unraveled, the hearts are elated, the taste buds are conquered.

In our adventurous expedition to tame this challenging ingredient, we were graciously offered original recipes

  • by friends who cook professionally:

Christos Athanasiadis, Nicholas Antonopoulos, Giannis Vasilas, George Venieris, Yiannis Gavalas, Dimitris Giginis, Pavlos Grivas, Antonia Zarpa, Irini Zouganeli, Nena Ismyrnoglou, Georgia Kalantzi Angelina Kalogeropoulou, Andreas Karakanis, Nikos Koukiasas, Iakovos Kousathanas, Athinagoras Kostakos, Iosif Manouselis, Panagiotis Menardos, Dimitris Panteleakis, Stelios Parliaros, Vangelis Pelekis, Christophoros Peskias, George Rizopoulos, Ben Provis,

  • and by friends who cook at home:

Dimitris Antonopoulos, Michalis Apostolou, Dimitra Voulgaraki, Nana Dareioti, Yiannis Korovesis, Manos Konstantaras, Eva Monochari, Alexis Nazos, Kiki Triantafylli, Francesca Hanioti.

The press wrote…

An in-depth research of a delicious cheese and a beautiful book!

Melissa Stoili, VIMA Gourmet magazine

. . . the most lively, fresh, exciting gastronomy pages I have read in recent years. A book filled with numerous, both visible and hidden, treasures.

Angelos Rentoulas, Gastronomos magazine

. . . a truly remarkable monograph by Dimitris Rousounelos on the iconic cheese of Mykonos.

Thalia Tsichlaki, VIMagazino magazine

The tireless flavor enthusiast that is Dimitris Rousounelos managed to «tame» kopanisti with his vivid and substantial writing style, giving us a true heritage book. Perhaps the most comprehensive work on Greek cheese, its words flow easily, conveying meticulously detailed and useful information while citing articles and relevant accounts.

Nikoleta Makryonitou, Gastronomos magazine

It was a real pleasure to have in my hands Dimitris Rousounelos’ latest authoring «journey».

Angela Stamatiadou, Athinorama magazine

A genuinely interesting book that no bookcase should be without.

Ioanna Stamoulou, Olive magazine


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