finito la supa passato la fiesta

Μια στάλα κακαβιά των Κυκλάδων πέφτει στον Δούναβη κι ακολουθώντας την φυσική ροή των πραγμάτων επιστρέφει στη ζωοδότρα θάλασσα. Ο κύκλος κλείνει. Η μεγάλη γιορτή της Σούπας της Χρονιάς έφτασε στο τέλος της.


Στο πνεύμα φιλοξενείας που τη στήριξε και στην ανάγκη επικοινωνίας που την εμπνεύστηκε είναι αφιερωμένο το μεγάλο πάρτυ που στήνεται στο Roma Lounge της Βιέννης [Neulerchenfelderstrasse 83,] την Τετάρτη 11 Φεβρουαρίου και ώρα 19:30.



Να και η επιστολή που έλαβα:

Dear friends of the soup project,

It is not likely that you and(or) your friends will stay in vienna at 11.02.2009, but if by any chance, please celebrate with us the 366th soup, as a final highlight of a one year travelling across European kitchens and different tastes of the world.
The act of hospitality has been passed over 366 times. That gives a reason to cultivate and engross this fundamental cultural skills of encounter with the foreign, for changing into better understanding, insight and familiarity with the unknown.

We invite all the soup cooks, all the friends of soup und all those, who are willing to join the community to welcome and taste the very last soup of the year together with us.

The Final-Party takes place at the Roma Lounge
Neulerchenfelderstrasse 83, 1160 Vienna
Wednesday, 11.02.2009 19:30


• the 366th soup is prepared by star cook Paul Bocuse aka Götz Bury within the scope of his entusiastically endorsed cooking show ‘cooking with 10 hot flat irons’
• other activities:
• the soup’s project chef coordinator Walter Meissl briefly draws his conclusion on the end of the soup’s year and declaims the manifesto of hospitality with great éclat of the International Community.
• Paul Heinzinger shows filmic impressions of the soup’s journey
• Markus Köhle reads 122 soup sentences
‘Die halbe Wahrheit’ welcomes the soup with the world’s most wonderful jodeling
• music and dancing performance by Iris Kübler
and what happens with the last half a litre of soup? in due form it will be diluted again. during a grave ceremony the soup is being poured into the floods of the river Danube, so the oceans will be informed about its travel, it happens at 12th february, exactly at high noon. before we will take a sample of the soup for chemical analysis.

kind regards
Renate and the whole soup committee


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